Spot filters

Spot filters – filters for conveyors, elevators and bunkers.

Principle of operation
A spot local filter is a small bag filter that is designed to remove dust from conveyors, elevators, bunkers and other equipment working with dusty products.
A spot local filter from a more or less enclosed operating equipment removes a small amount of air. This creates a weak negative pressure, which prevents dust particles from penetrating through the slits or openings.
The fan mounted in the filter sucks air through the filter section installed directly on the equipment and discharges the purified air through the exhaust pipe.
Dust settles on the outside of the filter bags and enters the product stream when the automatic system blows the filter bags.

Chain conveyor with spot local filter

A spot local filter is an extremely practical alternative to conventional dust removal systems. It has the following advantages:

  • The dust that has been separated inside the filter continuously returns back to the product stream, which prevents mixing of different types of dust.
  • A spot local filter feeds clean air to where there was dusty air before. Thus, there is a pressure drop between the product compartments.
  • The volume of intake air in the hopper is automatically controlled by an integrated fan that replenishes the air leakage.
  • Due to the large inlet opening, the flow rate on it is small. Thus, the swirl and circulation of dust are minimized as much as possible.
  • In the event of ignition of equipment with a point filter, it will not become a connecting link with other equipment.
  • Spot local filters are suitable both for the expansion of existing central aspiration units, and for installation on complex equipment based on spot filters.
  • Spot local filters are very easy to install. The installation of Spot filters does not interfere with the operation of existing treatment systems.

Spot local filters are characterized by a simple and functional design.
Installing these filters on conveyors and bucket elevators is very simple.
Jets of compressed air, which are control the non-returnable electronic controller, alternately clean the filter bags.
The filter bags are replaced by a large inspection door.
Spot local filters are also available without fans. Such filters can be connected to a large central fan.