Polyimide PI (P.84)

Polyimide is a high temperature fiber which under dry conditions can be operated up to 230°C.

It also benefits from a tri-lobal cross section which greatly enhances its filtration efficiency to the point that it is sometime used with much less expensive fibers to boost dust collection. In this application it usually forms a cap on the surface of the felt to exploit this property effectively.

It is a fiber with good chemical and thermal resistance, with only PTFE really exceeding it. Some care is needed with oxidizing agents such as NO2 and the fiber can be sensitive to hydrolytic attack in hot wet conditions.

Improved hydrolysis resistance compared with m-aramid fibers – irregular cross section enhances filtration efficiency – used in power generation, incinerators and the cement industry.

Application in the following industries:

  • Power plants
  • Metallurgical
  • Waste Incineration
  • Straw Burning
  • Cement, Gypsum, Lime
  • Biomass combustion plants
Chemical resistance:

  • Acids – good
  • Alkalis – good
  • Oxidizers – fair
  • Hydrolysis – fair
  • Solvents – good

Maximum Continuous in Dry Conditions:  245°C 
Maximum Surge in Dry Conditions:  255°C 

Additional treatments for PI (P.84) fabrics used:

 Filter bags: Polypropylene

oil and water repellent

 Filter bags: Polypropylene

oil and water repellent PTFE-based

 Filter bags: Polypropylene

with microfibers

 Filter bags: Polypropylene

with PTFE membran