Meta -aramid (MA)

Meta-aramid (Nomex®) is an excellent fiber that ideally fits a dry, hot environment, where the appearance of hydrolysis is minimal. These materials are often used in the production of asphalt and cement, foundry industry, gypsum industry, road construction and in drying units.

Most aramid webs undergo thermal stabilization, then undergo calendering, which arranges a rough surface, often observed in aramid canvases. Cloths are often treated with fluorocarbon impregnations to increase their resistance to hydrolysis and to better separate the dust sediment under certain conditions. Meta-aramid cloths are good high-temperature materials, which require extra attention when choosing at a high humidity level.

Application in the following industries:

  • Cement production
  • Asphalt production
  • Metallurgy
  • Production of fertilizers
  • Foundry industry
  • Gypsum production
  • Biomass combustion plants
Chemical resistance:

  • Acids – not bad
  • Alkalis – good
  • Oxidizers – not bad
  • Hydrolysis – not bad
  • Solvents – good

Maximum Continuous in Dry Conditions:  200°C 
Maximum Surge in Dry Conditions:  230°C 

Additional treatments for meta-aramid fabrics used:

 Filter bags: Polypropylene

oil and water repellent

 Filter bags: Polypropylene

oil and water repellent PTFE-based

 Filter bags: Polypropylene


 Filter bags: Polypropylene

with admixture of PAN fibers