Filters for receiving hoppers

Filter for receiving hoppers – modular aspirating wall.

Filters for receiving hoppers are a flexible modular system that can be easily adapted for use on existing and new receiving bunkers.

To effectively remove dust from the receiving hoppers, a large volume of air and high-performance filters are needed.

High-performance filters for receiving hoppers are the most effective filter for unloading cranes of hopper trucks, trucks or wagons.

Since a high-pressure fan is not required, the energy consumption is low. You save on energy costs.

With a simple and inexpensive installation process, you do not spend any resources during the initial installation process.


  • Compatible with receiving bunkers of any size
  • No dust transfer
  • Low differential pressure
  • A simple and inexpensive way to install
  • No rotating valve
  • Ability to install outside and inside the room