Cyclone filters

Cyclone filter – is a hybrid solution that combines the dust-collecting functions of cyclone batteries and a bag filter. In its design, the best features of both dust collectors are used, namely the uninterrupted operation of mechanical installations and the high efficiency of bag filters.

Cyclone filters is designed for cleaning gas-air flows from ash and dust.
The unique design of the body carries out two stages of purification: mechanical according to the cyclone principle and filtration through the fabric elements. This principle makes it possible to extend the range of conditions in which it is possible to apply filters of this type, for example, a large input dust content.

Cyclone filters are ideally suited for flue gas cleaning and aspiration emissions of enterprises in various industries (energy, mining, metallurgy, machine building, chemical, food, woodworking, etc.).
The principle of the Cyclone filters :

Gas-air flows with ash and dust enter the filtration chamber. In cyclophilic filters, the supply is made to the cyclone part, where, due to the centrifugal force developing during the rotational-translational motion of the flow, ash particles are thrown to the wall of the shell and are discharged into the hopper. Such preliminary cleaning allows to reduce the initial dustiness of the gas stream entering the filter bags.
Smaller particles settle on the outer surface of filter hoses and are removed by short pulses of compressed air, which is fed to the inner cavity of the hoses through the Venturi nozzle from the purge pipe holes.
When filtering explosive dust, the filter is equipped with a device for blowing off a blast wave or an explosion suppression system to prevent dust explosion. Due to its high resistance to sudden pressure changes, the filter can be installed in rooms with an explosion valve in accordance with the new European standard EN14491.

We supply cyclone filters, especially suitable for dust separation with large and very fine granulation. Cyclones are made of zinc sheet metal and are available with or without feet, with or without dust collector, on the left or right side.