Bag filters

Bag filters is a modern, versatile and most effective purification system designed for cleaning gas streams and contaminated dust-air mass at temperatures up to +300 C °.

The main advantage of bag filters in front of electrostatic precipitators, wet cleaners and other types of treatment facilities is the ability to stably achieve the legally established 20 mg / m³, regardless of the input concentration of pollutants.
The residual dust at the outlet after bag filters is up to 1 mg / m³, they are reliable, they allow the filter bags to be replaced without terminating operation, they have a reduced sensitivity to operational changes.

To date, bag filters have been widely used in various industries: ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, building materials, heat power, woodworking, food, textile, pulp and paper, chemical, oil refining and many others.

VSB GROUP offers its partners and customers the following services in the field of filtration of polluted air and flue gases:

    • Manufacture of bag filters based on specified characteristics.
      This implies the possibility of selecting and developing a filter design that takes into account the limitations of the dimensions or the location of its installation.
    • Selection of filter material. The type of material is selected based on the properties of contaminated air / gas, as well as operating conditions.
    • Autonomy and efficiency of the equipment provides impulse regeneration of hand filters, which performs their timely cleaning.

The principle of the bag filter with pulse regeneration:

Dusty air enters the bag filter through the pipe into the “dirty” air chamber, passes through the bags, while dust particles stay on their outer surface, and the cleaned air enters the “clean” air chamber and leaves the filter through the branch pipe.
Regeneration (impulse blowing) of dusty filter elements is carried out by a pulse of compressed air. Compressed air from the receiver through the solenoid valves enters the purge pipes located above the open ends of the filter elements in the cleaned air chamber. A pulse of compressed air through the nozzles in the purge pipes is directed into the filter element, dropping dust from its outer surface. Dust, shaken off the filter elements, is scattered into the hopper and is removed from the filter through the discharge device.

The effectiveness of bag filters, first of all, depends on the choice of filter material.

The filtration equipment from VSB GROUP company is a guarantee of observance of ecological safety of your enterprise and careful attitude to the environment!
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